Arts & Culture

An Aftermath on Tattoos

By Samantha Harmon

On the morning of February 19th I turned 19. Turning 19 on the 19th was a very special day for me. I got the tattoo at 10AM, which I was half asleep for. I went with my best friend Emily who was getting her seventh tattoo. When we first arrived the place was empty, just waiting for other people to walk in and experience what it’s like to get their first or add to their collection on body art. Our artist, Warren, was the same artist who did my first tattoo, so we were very familiar with one another and talked about life after COVID. While I was sitting in the chair waiting to be inked I asked him about his plans for the weekend. To my surprise he told me he would be visiting his girlfriend in Belgium. While Warren told me he was done with the tattoo I was in shock. I know everyone says “tattoos don’t hurt”, but it really didn’t. While I was waiting 25 minutes for my friend Emily to get hers done I started talking with another tattoo artist about the weather and how they overpredict how much snow we are going to get. After Emily’s tattoo was done, we each paid Warren for his hard work and went out the door. We decided to stop at Target to get drinks and snacks for Girls Weekend, which went from the 19th through the 21st. There aren’t many stories I can share about that, but it was so much fun and we had deep life talks at two in the morning. Overall, this is one of the best, if not the best, birthday I have ever had. I learned so much about myself from being in a tattoo shop for an hour. I learned that once I got this tattoo I no longer had any worries, which may sound weird, but this tattoo was supposed to symbolize growth and purity and it did. I felt better connected to myself and although I can’t look directly as this tattoo I will look back and see a part of myself from who I was as a 19 year old college student with big aspirations and future goals for myself. 

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