Dusty Clouds on a Gorgeous Day

by Clayton Hoyle

_Sam Jacobs former writer and photographer for The Southern Maine Community College Beacon took our cover photo for our up coming issue. Jacobs is a perfect example of what this issue is about…amazing women. Jacobs is a college student, works full time, and on top of all that is a single mom who still is able to manage her freelance photography business.

Every Monday morning Jacobs goes to Willard Beach at SMCC for a chance to relax and meditate the soul from the stresses of life. Our cover photo for this issue of The Beacon was taken on one of those Monday morning relaxations. The photo was taken on Presidents’ Day. Jacobs was sitting on the park bench when she noticed the beautiful sky and clouds and decided it was a wonderful time to grab her camera but she had left it at home. All Jacobs had was her iPhone 11 and the photo editing software that came with it. “I always have at least my phone on me so if I see something that would make a good picture at least I have that,” said Jacobs. 

This photo is truly an example of how you can take a stunning picture with any device as long as you have an eye for photography. It’s also pretty remarkable how phone cameras have developed over the years. For more of Jacob’s work visit Sam Jacobs Photography on Facebook.

Categories: Sports

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