Brightspace: A Closer Look at Brightspace Features

Brightspace is the new learning platform that Southern Maine Community College just started using in the Summer of 2020. It replaced the previous platform SMCC was using (Blackboard) and was implemented system wide; all of the other Maine Community Colleges are also using Brightspace. By now, most of us are pretty familiar with the interface on Brightspace. This article will explore a few of the convenient features that make Brightspace an effective learning tool.

Image: Brightspace homepage.


Brightspace provides both teachers and students with a user-friendly interface. It provides the content in an organized manner which makes it easier to navigate. For students, the homepage displays the enrolled course list.  By clicking on the Content tab in the blue navigation bar, students can easily view, and navigate through the content prepared by the teacher. By clicking on the Communication tab, students can easily find the Zoom link for their classes and access cloud recording. Also, the Grades tab shows the student’s progress in the class.

Image: Brightspace course menu.

Staying up to date

Staying up to date is easy in Brightspace. Students can easily communicate with teachers  as well as share their work through discussions. On top of that, Brightspace has a feature to send an email, notification, or text for new content and upcoming assignments.   

Image: Brightspace Pulse logo.

Mobile App

It is impractical to always have a laptop or a computer nearby. To solve that problem, Brightspace has a mobile app for people on-the-go to stay on-track. The app is called Pulse which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Online support

Sometimes people get stuck in some technical issues. However, Brightspace provides 24/7 support to resolve those issues. Users can contact the Brightspace support team by calling 1 (877) 325-7778 number. Furthermore, Brightspace has a help tab on its homepage for video tutorials, technical support, and getting help from other users.  

As a student, these features have helped me to keep up with my coursework.

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