Texas Abortion Law Draws Strong Opinions

Ride-Share Companies Agree with Public Outrage Over Barbaric Texas Abortion Laws

By Ian Kerr

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Major ride share companies Uber and Lyft have made known their stance on Texas’ new extreme abortion law. The new law is something that I and millions of others have a big problem with. Lyft CEO Logan Green made it clear what Lyft will do to protect their drivers from prosecution by fellow Texans: “Drivers are never responsible for monitoring where their riders go or why. Imagine being a driver and not knowing if you are breaking the law by giving someone a ride,” he said. Right, the drivers are not responsible, just like the rest of the United States is not responsible for the Texas lawmakers’ place in history as barbaric bigots. Green continues:  “Similarly, riders never have to justify, or even share, where they are going and why. Imagine being a pregnant woman trying to get to a healthcare appointment and not knowing if your driver will cancel on you for fear of breaking a law. Both are completely unacceptable.” Green continued to describe the law on Twitter, saying this is “an attack on women’s access to healthcare and on their right to choose.” (NPR). The company has donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood. These companies are thankfully making it clear what they think. 

Uber has also made rideshare apps drivers and users that  they are with Lyft on this issue. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said “Drivers shouldn’t be put at risk for getting people where they want to go. Team Uber is in too and will cover legal fees in the same way. Thanks for the push.” If a rider wants to be taken somewhere where they make questionable decisions, there should be no legal ramifications for the driver. They are just taxi drivers at the end of the day. 

Major companies do have a lot of political leverage and influence, and it is good to see major companies that have countless users and drivers assure their users they stand for basic human rights.

Bond, Shannon. “Lyft and Uber Will PAY Drivers’ Legal Fees If They’re Sued Under Texas Abortion Law.” NPR, NPR, 3 Sept. 2021, http://www.npr.org/2021/09/03/1034140480/lyft-and-uber-will-pay-drivers-legal-fees-if-theyre-sued-under-texas-abortion-la.

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