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Cures for Gray Days

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During stressful times such as these I find it to be helpful and calming to drink a good cup of tea. I put together a couple of tea recipes that I find to be helpful, all of these ingredients can be purchased at your local Hannaford. Purchasing these ingredients is not only easier but also safer as there are inedible and even poisonous parts to plants, it is better to stay safe then to risk anything. And always check with your doctor beforehand in case of allergies.

This is a remedy that can be used for Headaches:
3 tsp Lavender, 3 tsp Chamomile, 3 tsp Rosemary, and 3 tsp Mint

This is a remedy that can be used for Insomnia:
4 tsp Rose Petals, 2 tsp Peppermint, 3 tsp Jasmine, and 1 1/2 tsp Cinnamon

This is a remedy that can be used to help with Meditation:
5 tsp of an English Tea, 2 tsp Chamomile, 2 tsp Rose Hips, A dash of Elderflower Syrup.

These measurements can be adapted to suit your needs. It is important to mention that the elder flower itself is edible and it is usually made into a syrup much like the simple syrup made for cakes. The other parts of the plant are considered poisonous and cause pain, which is why I strongly suggest that the ingredients should be purchased at the store. In fact Hannaford carries a decent brand of Elderflower syrup that is only 100 calories per serving.
One of the most important parts about making tea is Temperature.
Temperature is the most important part of making tea correctly, it takes patience and care to make something good. For example Green tea and Jasmine tea need to be in water that’s around 170 degrees Fahrenheit or 70 degrees Celsius; any higher and you’d be left with bitter tea. The same goes for if you boil for too long.
As for what Tea can be paired with that is entirely up to your preference Milk, Honey, Sugar, Lemon slices, Berries, Cinnamon sticks, or even as some people I know do you could add Maple Syrup which can pair well with a nice cup of Headache remedy tea.

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