Interview with a Captain

Desiree Veilleux
Captain Desiree Veilleux

I sat down with midfielder Desiree Veilleux on the Women’s soccer team. She is one of the three returners that play on this team and she is one of the captains. Des was a part of the championship team of 19/20 and she’s had a national appearance. 

BM: What do you do well as a team?

DV: I think we have bonded well as a team, through our coach, through our practices and off the field. Our passes have improved and allow for us to move up the field quicker with accuracy.  

BM: What are the most positive aspects of your team?

DV: The most positive aspect of my team is that we all get along very well. Being able to connect as a player and team allows us to play together more and connect. We never put each other down off a bad play but instead encourage each other to make better decisions. 

BM: Can you name three specific things you can improve as a team?

DV: Three specific things we can improve is our communication, making runs off the ball, and finishing. Communication is key to winning games, it allows you to move all over the field, know when your next pass is and to plan your next decision. 

BM: What are you hoping to achieve this season?

DV: I’m hoping to do well in the playoffs and play as hard as I can in each game. We are looking to win the championship in our division once again and have a national appearance again. I’m really looking forward to that and it’s going to be a challenge but we are up to it!

BM: What’s most important to you as a soccer player?

DV: The most important thing to me is having fun. Stepping on that field and playing your hardest but having fun with your teammates make a great game. Again, the point is to win, but also to have fun. 

BM: How do your personal goals positively influence the team?

DV: If my team sees me working hard then they will feel the need to do so as well. Being a captain brings a lot of encouragement and strength to the team and I encourage my teammates to play hard every game. 

BM: What are the most important factors that you’re concentrating on in each training session/game?

DV: The most important factors in each practice/game is my focus and my work ethic. I want to win games and play hard, and our practices allow for us to work harder, learn more, communicate better and play as a team.

BM: What factors have helped you toward your current goals as a player?

DV: My environment and my mental state helps me towards my current goals as a player.

BM: What aspect of training or coaching has helped you improve as an individual player?

DV: My coaches are both honest and approachable people so that has helped me improve because I’m not nervous to ask them questions or for advice.

BM: What aspects of training or coaching have impeded your progress as an individual and/or team player?

DV: Covid made us have a year off and it has definitely made me forget how much time goes into being a student athlete. I have had to put a lot of mental focus into getting back into a routine.

It was a great conversation with Des and hoping they have another championship run and nationals appearance and bring something home for SMCC once again.

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