Internet Safety: Phishing & Scams

The internet is a wonderful tool, which for better or worse has become an aspect of everything in our lives. It made its presence known in the early ‘90s and has been integrated into everything since. It can be quite easy to click the wrong link or open a message that has a fake link within, there aren’t too many warnings about these dangers. According to, in a survey of over 1,300 IT decision-makers, 56% of them identified phishing attempts as the biggest threats to cyber security. (, 2019) Phishing is the practice of sending out fraudulent emails posing as a big company in an attempt to steal personal information through links and fake opportunities. 

It has become increasingly evident that code writers, business owners, webmasters, and administrators are going to have to keep fighting to prevent cyber security threats. Learning how to spot these computer-generated accounts and threats is very important to staying safe on the internet. It comes down to the individual and their intuition and familiarity with the web to be able to safely and accurately avoid these threats. One should never open emails or texts that they suspect are not legitimate. Some of the best practices include; blocking suspicious accounts on social media and email, not clicking any links you are not familiar with, not opening mass texts from unfamiliar accounts, and never giving money in hopes of getting money back to a person or account. One more thing to definitely look out for is accounts that seem genuine and have suspicious greetings and messages they might send you. (

Even though a lot of these threats are mostly computer-generated, there are people involved in creating these scams in hopes of lining their pockets using you and your information. For more tips on staying safe online, you can visit plenty of trustworthy websites such as and that have all sorts of practices that can help your tenure on the internet much safer and fun. 

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