From Community College to Professional Baseball, the Journey of B.J. Vella

B.J Vela at bat. Photo courtesy of B.J Vela

I sat down with B.J. Vela; a baseball player who has recently been drafted by the Boston Red Sox the 16th round pick 466 overall of the 2021 MLB First Year Player Draft. B.J. Vela was born in Fresno, California in 1999. The 5′ 9 175 lb second baseman attended Reedley Community College in Reedley, California. 

When asked about the draft process coming from a community college, Vela mentioned that it was a quick process. “Getting drafted out of Reedley College was a very fast process for me. I didn’t have a school to go to or an offer until late April.” He also mentioned that the draft wasn’t even on his radar. “I wasn’t even thinking about the draft until May. Once I found out the draft was an option I started to talk to scouts and plan workouts with them. But I still had college in mind as well.”

  I then asked about what it was like to be drafted by the Red Sox? “Getting drafted by the Red Sox is a dream come true. And just the beginning of a hard process to the majors.” He mentions that playing with the Red Sox has sparked growth in his game already, and he plans to make major strides this season.

Later I proposed the question of who he is most excited to play within the organization, he mentions how he has enjoyed meeting all the guys in the organization.“The players in the Red Sox organization have all been very welcoming and fun to play with.” But he says that it is tough to pick out one individual that he is excited to play with.

The Florida Complex League or the FCL is the lowest level of affiliated baseball. When asked how the FCL was compared to the ball at Reedley he mentioned that it was a sink or swim situation. He mentions that the pitching in the FCL was totally different than College and that was the first time he had seen pitching like that, so it took some adjusting. But he loved being a part of such a great group of people.

When asked what he is looking forward to most in 2022 baseball he mentions that in 2022 he looks forward to trusting the process and keeping his head where his feet are. This will be his first full season of professional ball and he  looks forward to all the highs and lows that it brings his way.

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