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$uicideboy$ Behind The Scenes

Scrim and Ruby da Cherry. Prostynya, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The name $uicideboy$ may turn away many people simply because it’s very “out there” and seems kind of strange. But like many music groups, their name really has a much deeper meaning. The duo’s complicated backstory and personal demons they face are big reasons behind the name. Now, honestly, The $uicideboy$ are one the most interesting groups in hip-hop today, and you might be wondering where, or even who they are. But don’t worry, I’m here to tell you everything I know about them. The $uicideboy$ are a hip-hop/rap duo that was founded back in 2014 by 2 cousins, Ruby da Cherry and Scrim. These cousins are from the Seventh Ward of New Orleans, which is known to be riddled with random and violent crimes.
Scrim’s real name is Scott Arsenal Jr. and Willie was born on April 11th, 1989 in Merril, Louisiana. Scrim was born a full year ahead of his cousin Ruby da Cherry whose real name is Aristos Petros, and he was born on April 22nd in 1980. Ruby da Cherry and Scrim’s moms were sisters, and both boys grew up in New Orleans. However, their moms tried to keep the duo separated as much as possible because they would often get into trouble when hanging out with each other. In an interview, the duo said “our moms are sisters and whenever me and him got together some shit would happen! Just like stupid kid shit, or burning down some shit. Or breaking some shit, like getting in fights, whatever so…” 

The duo gravitated towards rap music early on in their life; artists like Lil Wayne had a big influence on them. However, with rap music being dominated by black people in their time, they were too self-conscious to try it for themselves. Instead, the duo went their separate ways to explore music. From an early age, Ruby da Cherry played a number of instruments including the violin and the drums. His skills on the drums influenced him to join a punk rock band. He actually started his own band called the 13-2.
Scrim went for a completely different approach to the music industry. He tried his hand at being a DJ. However, Scrim knew that wasn’t his path so he decided to produce some beats for songs. He got the laptop he used to produce his first beats from selling drugs on the street. Then he started making beats, he was only 19 years old. Scrim released several solo projects under the name Scrim, including Narcotics Anonymous, Hashtag Drug Flow, and Patron Saint of Everything Totally Fooled. Scrim was a hard worker, he did all of this while sending out handcrafted beats to everyone in the music industry, and while working a 9-5 job as a furniture salesman. Scrim would eventually lose that job to his passion for tattoos. But around this time he would land a Universal Republic Production deal that he was able to fall back on. 
Ruby felt like his band was going nowhere and decided to contact his cousin Scrim to make some music. Ruby told Inc. Magazine that “after making that song we were both blown away by how well we worked together and how well the song came out with us both doing a verse. So, we decided to fuck doing shit solo and started doing this together.” At the time Ruby da Cherry was 24 and Scrim was 25. This is when they decided to make a pact with one another that if they didn’t make it within five years they would end their lives. “There’s no plan b if this doesn’t happen by the time I’m 30 and that’s pushing. Like I’m blowing my head off” Scrim said in a YouTube interview ( appeal). Thankfully though, it never came to that. Soon after coming together, the duo began promoting their music on a local level (dive into their underground history).
Focusing on a local level would prove to be a challenge and after about a year of little success, the duo would discover the Underground Rap Scene on SoundCloud. From there on the $uicideboy$ began publishing their music on SoundCloud releasing a new song each week for an EP, and then the following month they would move on to a new EP. for those of you that may not know what an EP is, it is basically an album that just is less official and usually contains fewer songs than a normal album. Flooding their page with new music for their fanbase to listen to had a tremendous impact on their growth. In less than a year they had 10 EP’s and had a decent-sized fan base. 
As the duo marched towards fame, Scrim faced some personal challenges. At the time he was battling multiple addictions including opium and heroin. It got to the point where Scrim was shooting up a gram a day. Like many addicts, he tried his hardest to hide this habit but eventually Ruby would find out. Once Ruby found out about Scrim’s struggles he made Scrim promise to get clean or else the $uicideboy$ would be done. Scrim knew how serious his addiction was and decided he would enter rehab. The $uicideboy$ would then take an 8-month break from the music scene while Scrim focused on becoming sober. Through Rehab, Scrim was able to end his addiction and re-enter the music scene. Scrim dropped his first album after this break as a solo project. It was titled A Man Rose From The Dead with this album Scrim released this message to fans, “I started making this project as soon as I was able to stay in my own condo after being in rehab for three months. I didn’t even know I was making a solo project. I was just trying to see if I could make anything sober. It’s been very difficult to pick the final songs for A Man Rose from the Dead. Over the course of the past year, I ended up making roughly over 100 songs, while living in Palm Desert, Cali, some made on my tour bus on ‘Grey Day,’ and some made once I moved back home to Louisiana. I, along with Ruby, my managers, engineer, brothers, and friends helped me narrow down and compile the final tracklist that made the most sense for my journey and what I’ve been through, past and present. Something that told my story. Songs that represent the range of emotions I experience. A product that showed my ability to step outside the box of what is expected from me as an artist. This project means a lot and is deeply personal to me. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I do. GREY 4 EVER.”
As of today, the $uicideboy$ have only become more popular. They have surpassed 9,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. And have multiple songs with over 300,000,000 listens. Their most recent album has impressed many fans and proved how versatile their sound is. It has no features and is executive produced by Budd Dwyer. But honestly, don’t just listen to other opinions! Go give it a listen, and let me know what you think in the comments.
I will leave you all with a quote that I love from the $uicideboy$ “We just want to let all of these people know, that have felt like outcasts, or have depression, mental problems, addictions… you’re not alone. That’s what’s created this family that we now share.” – $uicideboy$

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