Pros and Cons of Traveling by Plane


Pros & Cons

When it comes to traveling there are three main types of transportation. Those three things are by bus, plane, and car. All of these things have their own pros and cons. This article will be explaining the pros and cons of airplanes.

When it comes to some of the pros, one of the first things is airplanes are fast. If you have a trip planned and it is a ten-hour road trip, it could only be a 2-hour flight. Another pro would be affordability. There are a lot of websites out there that can help someone find a cheap flight or they could help you find a cheap package that would include your flight, stay, and maybe a rental car. There are also travel agents out there that are willing to help you and they can give you some of the best discounts. Safety is another pro because when it comes to airports and airplanes, they can be organized and professional. There may be some mistakes here and there but for the most part, the booking process is easy and reliable. Planes will also get checked a bunch of times to ensure the safety of it. There are people who find joy in flying rather than car rides. Some people might enjoy the rush of going to the airport and getting on a plane, especially with the views. There’s also the idea of using your travel time effectively. With driving someone always has to be watching the road but when flying they can do other things like reading or catching up on work. There are economic benefits since airports are typically huge, they always have jobs available. Airports typically have thousands of staff employed. Also with tourists and people flying that is bringing money in and helping the cities out. One interesting pro is people can get the opportunity to meet new people. You might be seated next to a stranger and the next thing you know is you guys are talking and becoming friends. Or since this person may be going to the same place as you, they could give insight on spots to visits and places to eat.

Now to get into the downside of flying. If you cannot find discounted flights, traveling by plane can be very expensive. Especially during peak seasons like summer, spring break, Christmas, etc. Even the airport itself is very expensive, like the food and some of the shops. If you need a last-minute flight for an emergency that could also burn a hole in your pocket. On top of that economy seating can be very uncomfortable. There are planes nowadays that don’t have the option to recline anymore. Then if you’re going on a long flight, you could be so uncomfortable and hurting when you get off the flight. If you want to be comfortable and have the option to recline your seat you have to add more money on top of that. Money can add up very quickly when flying. Another con of flying is someone could be scared of heights but their only way to get somewhere would be to fly. Then you have to think about going through security. That could either be quick and easy or long and stressful. Then there’s the idea of plane delays, cancellations, or lost luggage. You could be stuck at the airport for hours waiting on a delay and it could keep getting pushed back. If you need to get home for the holidays or an emergency and your flight gets canceled, then you are basically out of luck. You also have to consider the time it takes you to get to the airport from your house and if there is traffic along the way. So most people have to plan to leave their house 2-3 hours before their flight.

Now we have to think about the pandemic-related cons. The biggest one is wearing a mask. Some people do not want to do that and therefore either don’t get the option to fly or get on the plane without one and get escorted off. There have been videos of passengers and staff getting into fights over the whole mask mandate. You also have to bring your vaccine card with you and again, some people either aren’t fully vaccinated or vaccinated at all which once again could make them ineligible to fly. Depending on where you’re flying to, you might have to either bring your own covid test or take one at your location in order to get back into the U.S. so that could be a hassle.

Traveling by plane has many pros but also many cons as well. Sometimes it’s best to weigh out those options and choose what is best fit for you and also think about your financial situation.

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