Maine Urban Skiing

Last winter a group of local skiers from Maine filmed a ski video. Hitting handrails, drops and ledges in cities and towns all over Maine with an amateur filming set up using i-phones and GoPros. The two stand out skiers were Kyle Bell and Ryan Breinghaus. Some legendary spots were hit and some new ones too. One of the most notable accomplishments was Ryan Breinghaus hitting the Edward Little High School down flat down. It is a legendary spot that has been hit by multiple pro skiers over the years including Shea Flynn, Cam Riley and Keagan Killbride. Ryan set the bar high at Edward Little by transferring between two of the rails. Meaning he jumped from one rail to the other, this feat had never been done before and by doing so he cemented his name on that spot forever alongside the pros. Kyle Bell also put his name on the map by hitting some old school spots and some new ones that had never been hit.

There is a new quad kink in Lewiston that had never been hit in a video part. It is extremely aggressive and the consequences are high. Rocks, metal and concrete line both sides of the rail. Kyle managed to pull off  a front 270 off the end of the rail, normally this is a simple trick, however on such a difficult rail it is very hard. Dodging cops, angry property owners and serious injury the video went live this past October at Spruce mountain. It was filmed and  edited by Ian Bohrmann and Ben Amburgy. The video can be found using the link below. Also another one will be coming out this fall as well. 

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