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Lucy’s Two Cents

The Relationship and Etiquette Column

The SMCC Beacon is announcing a new column that has been set up because we have had a few readers who have sent questions to us. Questions about relationships, about personality issues, friendships, etc. Send your questions to The SMCC Beacon, with the headline of “Lucy’s Two Cents’ Worth” and Lucy will respond to as many as she can. 

If you’d like to remain anonymous, just click on our faculty advisor’s name in the staff box, and send your questions to her. You can sign your email using a nickname you want to be called, just so you can recognize which is your question you asked. We are  committed to respecting your privacy, and our staff writer will be fielding your questions anonymously through the faculty advisor. 

Whatever you are struggling with, remember, you are not alone! A few rules: we ask for your respect, please don’t use inflammatory language, and/or no creepy or gross questions. 

Did you know that SMCC students have access to counseling services through sweetser? Call the Intentional Warm Line 24/7 from anywhere in Maine at 1.866.771.9276 (WARM).

Warm line – 866-771-9276, crisis line 888-856-1112, sweetser line for our students to get connected to a counselor (please make sure they tell whoever answers the phone that they are an SMCC student) 800-434-3000. my number is 741-5571,

Please enjoy and welcome! 

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