Handheld Music Production: The Orba

The Orba is a kick-starter device created by the company Artiphon. It is a miniature device that allows for easy, on-the-go music creation. It is a synth, looper, and MIDI controller that was an instant hit once released. This device can be used by anyone and costs $99. It allows for quick and instantaneous beat-making and easy production. Considering its size, which is similar to a fidget spinner, it makes for a very mobile and easy-to-use instrument that can be used anywhere at any time. 

photo taken by Xander Morley

You can record, playback, or just play the multi-instrumental device that is very user-friendly. There is a companion app that allows for uploads, saving tracks easily, and social settings that allow your friends to see your creations and or upload their own. This device allows for the user to play it out loud or connect an aux cord straight into it to allow for headphone and speaker usability. On top of its aux capabilities, the device also allows for direct connection into any DAW (digital audio workstation) to produce with it on any computer or laptop. 

Even with all of its capabilities in its stock version, this little gadget still has a lot more potential. It is user-friendly for just about anyone, regardless of musical talent, and acts as a musical fidget toy. While the Orba is unique and an interesting new device, its capabilities are very limited at the moment; having only a few music kits and instruments to choose from; making it very easy to get boring or repetitive. However, it is still a pretty new addition to the plethora of instruments and the music-making world so its limited capacity is to be expected. Whenever Atriphon puts out more updates and kits for their device, it will surely become a more widespread and popular addition to the production world. 

For more information, visit the official website for the Orba,

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