Are You Traveling or Vacationing?

Photo by Yousef Alfuhigi on Unsplash

Who knew there was a difference between these two words? Well, believe it or not, there is a difference. A vacation is a specific planned out short trip while traveling is about exploring different cultures and broadening your horizons and staying longer. Traveling is a lot more work than your typical vacation. A vacation is when people take breaks from their normal lives and busy schedules. Whereas traveling is when someone becomes a true local. They eat like them, live like them, dress like them, etc. 

An example of traveling would be language learning trips. These travelers unfortunately are not there to vacation but instead there to immerse themselves into the culture. Travelers might remodel a bus or van and live in it for months while on the move. Backpacking is considered traveling and not a vacation because that person is doing a lot of work. They have to map out where they’re going, how they’re going to get there, is it safe? What they’re going to eat, etc.

People get vacation homes where they can go to escape the real world and destress. Just like how some people get time-shares in which they can have like a little getaway for the weekend or week. A vacation is a short-lived time maybe a week or two. 

Now you know there is a difference between the two, vacation is for relaxing while traveling is for exploring or business.

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