Winter Carnival on the Eastern Prom

This past weekend there was an incredible event in Portland on the Eastern Prom called the Winter Carnival.  Consisting of live music, food and beer and most importantly skiing and snowboarding. Those who participated in the skiing had access to a sweet rail set up provided by Sunday River. The rail setup consisted of two beginner features and two intermediate features. One mini rail and a butter box, a down flat down and a down rail.  There was something for all ability levels.  The event was mostly attended by Maine locals including Keagan Killbride, A very accomplished pro skier from Portland. As one who participated in the event, It was very surreal to hit rails and ski with the ocean as the backdrop. When ever someone stomped a trick the crowd erupted in applause.

The snow conditions were very strange, the snow was shipped in from a parking lot which had a large salt content, even though it was below freezing the snow was still melting due to the salt. However, this did not stop anyone in the slightest. Overall the event was incredibly fun to attend. For those who do not ski or ride there was a food beer and all kinds of ice sculptures to appreciate. Live music from a local funk band known as Motor Booty Affair was also provided. 

For those who feel as though they missed out, have no fear, there will be another event identically to the last this weekend with skiing and snowboarding. It will also be hosting world famous American Idol winner Scotty McReary for the main attraction. 

Written by Ian Bohrmann

Photo by Patrick Fogarty

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