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Super Dylan

“Dylan Gray always thought he was just a normal boy but once he found out his whole family were superheroes that normal life went right down the drain. But, who wants a normal life anyway?”


  I wake up to my loud alarm clock “Beep, Beep, Beep!” 

“Mmgmhib. Five more minutes” I grumble. The smell of bacon wafts in though and I roll out of bed. I look in the mirror and a bunch of my hair is all standing up. I try to wet it down with some water but it’s no use. Just got better and better, I think to myself. I leave the bathroom and go back to my bedroom. At the drawer, I reach in and pull out a black and white t-shirt that says on the front “It’s an Anime thing. You wouldn’t understand” and light blue jeans to go with. I head downstairs to the kitchen, where the scent of breakfast is in the air. 

I bounce down the stairs where I see my dad at the table; reading the newspaper and sipping his black coffee. My mom is making eggs; hard as hockey pucks with maple bacon. Yum. 

“Morning Hunny,” mom says.

“Morning.” I say and grab a hot plate of breakfast from mom and juice and sit down at the kitchen table. I dig into my breakfast and taste the crispy bacon and the rich flavor of the orange juice. 

I look up to find my dad setting down the newspaper, “so, Dylan are you going to try out for the football team? I hear they have a better team this year?” Dad gives me a knowing look. 

“No, I don’t think I’ll be going back to the football team this year. I’d rather try my hand at something else,” I said.  

A flash of my past from a kid that is on the football team with me comes back in a rush when my dad brings up the football team. This was last year. I’m at my locker while taking out my books for the next class and SLAM! Teddy Bolton’s hand has shut the locker and I find myself being dragged by Teddies goons, Darrell and Jose, into the guys bathroom. Blurs of being held up by them and Teddy beating me. Then, on the cold floor, sobbing and shaking. Bruises up and down my body. Blood everywhere. It took me a while to forget but Xavier was there to help and my parents never found out. I shake out of my flashback and barely listen to my dad. 

“What? Why? I was always on some sort of team in High School” Dylan’s dad says.  

“Honey, it’s okay. Dylan can do whatever he wants to do. All of us are different in our own way,” mom says to dad. 

“But…’ Dad says and then a car horn goes “beep, beep,” from outside. 

Mom looks and then looks at the clock, “oh, Dylan it’s time for you to go to school. That’s right. Get up, get going.” My mom just shooed me out of the house with only a hug and my back pack.

Sometimes it’s very stressful being a Gray and that’s because of my family being actual superheroes. My dad can lift anything. It definitely makes it easier to clean the house for my mom. One time he even picked up the whole bloody stove! Mom however has the power to move things with her mind. It’s pretty cool…sometimes. Sometimes she can get pretty scary if you’re in trouble. Especially when I don’t finish my homework on time. I mean it would probably be a really funny moment when you see an 18 year old boy running away from soft objects being pounded down on him from the air. Oh yeah, it’s real fun when she throws a bucket of cold water at you and she doesn’t even need to lift it over your head! 

“Hey Dylan,” I look over to see Xavier, my best friend, waving at me and jogging over to me. 

“Hey man,” we clap each other on the back. 

We start to walk side by side together on the sidewalk, “Hey, so can we study at your place tonight? My parents are bringing home a new exchange student and I really don’t want to be there when it happens,” Xavier pipes up. Xavier’s parents don’t really give him the time of day so when he heard they were bringing home another kid, he just didn’t want to be around when they started to gush over him. 

“Oh…well you see my parents kind of have a party going on and -’ 

“Oh good, so they will be alright if I crash it.”

“No, they even want me there. You know what it’s actually a party but also a bug convention in one.” I really have to work on my excuses because that was just awful, I think. 

Xavier makes a face, “ew, why would they want one of those?” 

“Yeah, I don’t know. But it’s not a good night. Actually you maybe want to meet up at Luna’s Place instead? We can grab something to eat there too??” I smile and try to get him into the idea.

“Yeah, alright we’ll meet there. I got to run. I have a big history in three..two…ONE!’ Xavier looks at his watch. He waves at me and starts to run towards our school in the distance. Good thing he’s wearing running shoes today, I think. 

    Another reason why living in a family of superheroes is stressful. You can’t tell anyone and you have to make up lies to keep them safe. I hate it but I can’t tell him, knowing I will get in trouble. Or worse. 

I look over to see a school bus picking up little kids on my street and looking around at all of the people. There’s a lot to see at this time. It’s kind of peaceful. 

Out of nowhere, a little boy barrels right in front of me, almost knocking me over and I say “Hey, watch where you’re going kid!”

 The kid looks back at me suddenly and starts running even faster. He’s not paying attention to where he’s going and runs right out in front of a big truck! I have no time to think and just do; power comes coursing through my veins, through my arms, and up to my hands. Then a whining sound in my head becomes increasingly painful. I look at the kid and can feel his pounding heart and can feel his emotions; frightened. Before I even know what I’m doing I put up my hands to launch the kid all the way on the other side of the street. Everything goes by like nothing ever happened, like time stopped? I look around and everything is just like it was before. What did I do?! I run as fast as I can to the school. Trying to forget even there what really had happened. The day went on and it did get better but the one good thing about today was that I saved my first person!

To be continued

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