What is Nano Technology?

Science Fiction has spawned plenty of fictional gadgets and technologies that could only be dreamt about; nano-technology being one of the more realistic ones. Nano-technology is the idea that a bunch of tiny little robots comes together to complete a common task. In science fiction, there have been dozens of examples of this. The main one seen in comic books and other sci-fi projects usually has something to do with creating suits of armor that cover the wearer’s body just by pressing a button (Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc) which causes all these little robots to spread and create an armor set that can regenerate broken pieces using more nano-tech.

Iron Man using a nano-tech suit in Avengers Infinity War (2018)

However, the most realistic use of this technology would be for medical reasons, ranging from vaccines to different medications. Since this technology is far from ever becoming a real technology, the possibilities are endless. These tiny little robots, in theory, would be ~50-100nm wide and would act as a messenger inside the body, bringing the drug into your system much faster. 

Because this technology is still very much within the realm of fiction, to say nano-tech would be extremely useful is still to be seen. It really comes down to skepticism and one’s personal feelings and optimism about the future of technology. 

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