Heard About the MetaVerse?

What is the MetaVerse? Experts interviewed by VICE have said, “the MetaVerse is essentially a 3D version of the Internet and computing at large”. This virtual reality is like being placed directly inside the Internet. It’s a place parallel to the real world, think of  “Ready Player One”, that virtual reality is what Meta hopes to create with their universe. Everyone has an avatar and can interact with one another via their digital representations. This idea is expected to become an $800 billion dollar market by 2024 if it takes off more so than it already has. 

Image courtesy of The Guardian

The technology comes from the basic idea of combining the Internet and computing, such as the ways of text messaging, emails, social media, etc. The MetaVerse hopes to create a virtual world that will feel like a different space parallel to our reality. It’s an extremely ambitious idea, and as a concept, it isn’t actually all there yet. Meaning, it essentially doesn’t exist. 

It should soon be a very real thing that may become a part of everyday life. It isn’t a video game, since it’s much more of an extensive idea than just a virtual world to play around in. You, the user, would essentially be placed inside the internet, not just a world rendered by a team of animators. This technology is still in the early stages as of right now, with the MetaVerse essentially being a glorified app store mixed with the popular game “VRChat”. 

Once this technology really takes off, however, the possibilities will be endless. It would feel like something straight out of a science fiction novel, which many people will most definitely indulge in. Regardless of if you would use it or not, it doesn’t hurt to stay posted on what is coming in the future of technology.

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