Elon Musk Buying Twitter

This week, Elon Musk has been in talks with Twitter to buy the platform for $44 billion dollars. People across all social media have been up in arms about this purchase ranging from arguments to pros and cons to memes about the topic. It truly shows Elon’s $264 billion dollar fortune when he can consider buying a social media outlet, personally, rather than a company such as Amazon or Microsoft purchasing Twitter. It can be quite unsettling when rich people make purchases like this, leaving the lingering feeling of wondering what better things that money could be used for, such as ending world hunger or homelessness. Then there are people who are fond of the idea, they think that it’s good for the platform and will be better in the long run. It’s a weird situation that will surely divide many people regardless of the outcome. 

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

What will this mean for the platform? Elon claims it’ll be better for free speech if he has significant control over Twitter, saying “The extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all” and “By ‘free speech’, I simply mean that which matches the law. I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. If people want less free speech, they will ask the government to pass laws to that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people.” His actions are still yet to show if this will be the case. When it comes down to one person having significant control over any given thing, it’s hard to tell whether or not it’ll be good or terrible. “Freedoms are lost when control is in the hands of few,” is the quote that comes to mind. It’s still to be seen what the outcome of this all will be but as of right now, it seems the general consensus is that this is a scary situation.

There isn’t much that can be done or changed about this scenario, but what do you think? Is Elon gonna do good things with the platform or will his purchase be fruitless?

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