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Kindness Rocks

Now you might be wondering what a Kindness Rock is. A kindness Rock is simply a rock that has a positive message or quote on it. Lately, these rocks have become extremely popular and there is even a website dedicated to the rocks project, Kindness rocks instructions: 6 steps to amazing kindness stones ( A kindness rock is really something special, sometimes all someone needs to hear is some kind and reassuring words to turn their whole day around. Currently, there is a viral trend where people create these rocks and leave them for a stranger to find. Doing something that has such a positive impact. It’s crazy, you have no idea what some people are going through. Sometimes all someone needs to hear is something positive when they least expect it.

How do you make one?

Creating a kindness rock is actually something that is super simple and easy to do and best of all anybody can do it! You will need a couple of supplies but not very many, these include.

  • A rock
  • Paint
  • Either a sharpie or something else to draw on the rock. 

Here is a simple set of instructions that you can use to create your own kindness rock.

Find a rock, any rock will work however for the best results a smooth rock will be best.

Paint the rock any color that you feel like. (remember colors provoke different feelings)

Find a simple message to put on the rock. For example “You can do it” “You aren’t alone” 

Finally, choose a spot to place your rock. I like to place mine along the beach!

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