Pixar’s Reimagination of Animated Films

Pixar has become a household name in the world of animation ever since their debut with the original Toy Story film. This was the first movie to ever be completely made up of CGI instead of traditional animation.  Ever since Toy Story was released in 1995, this company has revolutionized the animation industry and has continued to make family movies for well over two decades that resonate with everyone out there, adults and kids alike. With each movie, their animation quality keeps getting better and better. Even just comparing the first Toy Story to Toy Story 4 will put into perspective how much the quality has skyrocketed to life-like characteristics. 

The company started in 1979, with the name “Computer Division”, and was owned by George Lucas. It wasn’t until 1986 that the company would be given the name “Pixar”. In 1983, Pixar did a computer-animated scene for Star Trek 2, which became the first-ever animated sequence in a live-action film. Then in 1984, they released a short film called “The Adventures of Andre & Wally B”. For their first few years, they did scenes for other movies and a few short films which looked amazing for the time and were considered revolutionary to everyone watching. In 1986, the company was purchased by Steve Jobs and established as an independent company and then gained the name “Pixar” after the change. Pixar and Disney began their collaboration on CAPS which is the Computer Animation Production System, which would revolutionize the creation of traditional animated films. The first check the company received was from none other than Disney themselves. They went on to make a short film called “Luxo Jr.” which would be the first animated short to be nominated for an Oscar. This short film was where the famous Pixar Lamp originated. 

Image courtesy of Pixar Wiki

From their origin until 1991, the company mainly did commercials and short films until Disney approached them to create “at least one animated full-length movie”. This movie would become “Toy Story”. After the success of this film, Disney and Pixar agreed upon making 10 feature-length films over the course of a decade. At the end of this decade of feature-length films being released, Disney bought Pixar and combined it with their “Walt Disney Animation Studios” to create one large animation department with Pixar being the main animation company to work on a majority of animated films for Disney since their merger. After Disney’s acquisition of the company, it would make Steve Jobs the biggest shareholder at Disney. Then they continued to make more animated films and will more than likely continue to do so for decades to come. 

For a company that started with 40 employees that became one of the biggest powerhouses in the animated industry, one could probably say that Pixar has truly shown their stripes with their work. After numerous Oscars and record-breaking debuts with each subsequent release, there is no sign of Pixar slowing down. This company has truly changed the entire landscape of digitally made movies and the entirety of CGI in film in general.

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