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Angel and I 

A Script by Alexandra Griffin, Creative Writing class

Myself: I’m never going to find a guyyyy! 

Angel: Yes, you are! You just have to wait and let God decide. 

Myself: I’m gonna live alone with 7 horses and a whole bunch of other animals that will keep me companyyyy. 

Angel: Stop that! Stop whining.

Myself: Ugh, that red head just wanted to be with the girl that wore all the tight and revealing clothing! I thought he and I could be together but I guess he is just like all the others! 

Angel: Of course he is! You know why that is?? 

Myself: Why?

Angel: You know that was a rhetorical question, right? You didn’t have to answer because I would have just answered that for you because I’m literally in your head! Come one, Alex, get it together! 

Myself: Ugh, sorry. 

Angel: Anyway, he’s stupid. You don’t need one that’s stupid because if he’s stupid then he won’t be a good man for you! Gosh your even more stupid than that boy that your thinking of! 

Myself: Hey! You can’t call me stupid cause I call you stupid! There! How’d you like that!

Angel: Wow, okay that hurt…not. You know your just calling yourself stupid because I’m literally you! 

Myself: …

Angel: Ha! You hesitated! 

Myself: Stop that!

Myself: But, you know it’s literally not fair because I’m just trying to get practice so once I find my soulmate I’ll have more practice with dating and how to date and all that jazz! I mean, if you think about it, dating is really hard and you never know what to do or what to say to that person! Or how to hang out with them! And, don’t get me started about the stories I’ve heard from my mom! You know, the one about the lettuce getting stuck in her teeth when she went on a blind date! She said it was horrible but she got some good practice in! I want to be able to experience practice! Why must God torture me! You know what I get? Only little pokes from God saying ‘hey, think about this guy from your past’. Well, what if I don’t want to think about that guy cause he was horrible to me! Why God, whyyyyy. Why must you torture me! 

Angel:  Are ya done? 

Myself: I think so. But there still could be more so I’ll keep you posted. 

Angel: Even if you do want to date and experience hanging out with guys  you might not be ready for that emotional state right now. It can be fun but are you really a fun person? Can you 

have fun? I mean, you can have fun with your family and friends, yes, but are you really ready to actually get out there and date? It’s definitely a big step and you seem to get very emotional even getting caught up in just one teensy tinsy conversation with the opposite sex. I mean, you are getting better but maybe God is trying to tell you aren’t quite there yet and he’s maybe getting the other guy for you still ready. God definitely works in very wondrous ways and all we have to do is go on with our lives. In my opinion, I think you are definitely getting better with actually starting conversations with males and getting out there communicating. You’re standing up for yourself and growing more mature everyday! It’s amazing. You should 

definitely be very proud of yourself because you have come a long way. You even paid for your own eye exam today! That’s very independent! Honestly, I think that self help fear book is really helping you and you going back to church was definitely a bonus point. So, even if you aren’t in a relationship, you are loved by a lot of people and you might not even know about some that are hiding out there in the world yet. There’s always going to be someone that loves you because you are great. Plus, you don’t need a man right now, they are way too much work! 

Myself: Haha, you’re probably right! 

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