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Event: SMCC Art Show, May 11th

An art show exhibit example, provided by Brenda Bonneville at

On May 11th, Southern Maine Community College will be presenting an art exhibit on their campus, hosted by students Sarah and Madison. The Art Show was developed by Virginia Rose, an art teacher at SMCC. It will be taking place between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM. In preparation for the Art Show, Virginia Rose was interviewed — the developer of the exhibit who wanted to promote the show. Refreshments will be provided! 

When and Where is the Art Show?

The Art Show will be taking place on May 11th between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM, right on the SMCC campus in the Art Studio building. It is located at 49 Fort Road.

What is the Purpose of the Art Show?

“This exhibition is the culmination of the Senior Portfolio Seminar course for the Fine Arts concentration in Liberal Studies,” said Rose. “This course teaches professional practices in the art world and prepares students for transfer to [four-year] degree programs in art.  The exhibition includes artwork created in advanced art courses and as part of their independent art practice.”

Rose also responded: “The students have worked very hard this semester to produce a stunning exhibition of their artwork.  The show is free and open to the public, and I encourage our faculty, staff, and students to come to the reception to join us in celebrating Sarah and Madison!”

What Type of Art Will Be Presented?

Various artwork from selected students will be presented in this exhibit. 

“Sarah Merrill is showing drawings in charcoal on paper, painting on paper, photography, and paper sculpture,” Virginia Rose noted. “Madison Trent is showing oil pastel on paper and canvas, ceramics, embroidered textiles, and paper weavings.”

An example of student artwork that will be presented at the Art Show.

Who Will Be Presenting the Art Show?

When asked, Virginia Rose stated that Sarah Merrill and Madison Trent would be presenting the artwork on display. When describing the two students, Rose responded: “Sarah Merrill will be continuing to pursue a double major in Fine Art and New Media with the goal of becoming a graphic designer – you can see her excellent design skills on our show postcard. Madison Trent will be transferring to a 4-year Fine Art program with a focus on ceramics and textiles – she’s already been accepted to programs including a prestigious college in England.”

When Virginia Rose was asked what she hopes people learn or take away from this show, she explained: “I hope visitors will see and enjoy the incredible talent and vision of our students; learn more about our thriving fine art program and the fabulous teachers who make the program possible; and take away a few amazing works of art by purchasing pieces from the show to support the students as they continue their educations and creative pursuits!”

Other Aspects of the Art Show

When Virginia Rose was asked what she liked most about art shows similar to ones like these, she replied: “I love teaching the Portfolio Seminar because it gives me a chance to really get to know students and help them in getting closer to achieving their artistic goals.  It is also fun for me because I don’t teach studio classes, I teach Art History, so I’m more focused on the academic side of the art program than the creative side. This course gives me the opportunity to engage with my students as artists, which is such a joy!”

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