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Poem: Ode to Autumn

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Here in my backyard

the leaves drift and bliss from the trees

landing softly between my knees 

a sense of glee rushes my way,

with the scent of autumn passing by me

I wear my hoodie for comfort,

giving me a real sense of safety

but once it feels like a tort,

I toss it for the autumn warmth

fall often gives people a common chill

though it isn’t perfect for those who shrill

in my full honesty,

they could really use my hoodie

the scent of cinnamon spice penetrates the air,

waking local raccoons who seek to locate this affair

autumn is a time for prosperous preparation,

baking and carving plumpy pumpkins give an honest sense of relaxation

raking lightened leaves and settling them into piles

influences children to jump and scream from miles and miles,

and those crisp sounds are just as satisfying to my ear

but the overbearing scents of Yankey candles 

leave my eyes puffed with overflowing tears

my love for autumn only comes once a year,

the nostalgic feeling helps to lose all sense of life’s fears

and it isn’t just about that comforting feeling,

but rather that sense of soothing safety

from our hoodies to those wondrous smells,

to those pumpkins they sure do tell,

and the leaves and glorious goodies,

that feeling of autumn can be felt from anywhere,

even here in my backyard. 

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