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Campbell’s Final Say

Managing editor, Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell is returning to the Beacon this semester. After serving as the editor for the local politics section last semester, she will now be taking on the role of managing editor. Campbell delved into various topics last semester and learnt more about politics local to SMCC, even getting to hear her peer’s opinions on those topics. Campbell plans on writing this semester as well, but her focus will be shifted towards maintaining a well-balanced publication. 

This will be Campbell’s last semester at SMCC before she graduates, and she hopes to break into local journalism upon graduation. Campbell has enjoyed writing since childhood, and as she has gotten older her passion for keeping up with current events has fused with writing. Assignments in other classes as well as writing for the Beacon have also made Campbell realize how much she loves interviewing people in order to write articles. She hopes to assist her classmates in interviewing this semester.

Click Campbell’s name in the staff box if you would like to submit an article or an idea for an article.

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