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State Politics Editor: Owen Parr

Owen Parr will be editing and writing for the State Politics and Media section of The Beacon. To reach out to Owen for questions and/or stories, please email:

Owen Parr is an 18 year old graduate of Casco Bay High School and is currently taking a gap year to work (with some classes on the side), with the plan to attend Queen Mary University of London in the Fall of 2023 as an international student and plans to major in the field of history. Owen enjoys creative writing and has worked intensively in writing analysis in literature, film, and more. He loves to travel and enjoys photography as well, especially photographing landscapes and cities.

Owen has always been interested in politics and government and having grown up in Portland, he knows first hand the importance of local and state politics and how it has affected the community that has been cultivated in the Greater Portland area and Maine as a whole. Owen believes that the influence of local, national, and even international media is integral to this community, and understanding the media’s influence on this community and it’s politics is critical to keeping the community thriving and alive.

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