Childhood Dream: Catcher

Matt Donlan was an undrafted free agent by the Boston Red Sox at the 2022 MLB Draft out of the University of Connecticut. On September 8th Matt Donlan sat down for an interview for the Beacon via Instagram direct message.

JO. Can you take me through the draft process?

MD. “Draft process is a very interesting process. From zoom meetings, to in person, to workouts you never really truly know what’s going to happen”

JO.  What was it like after the draft, and getting a contract offer from the Red Sox?

MD. “Post draft I received a FA offer from the Red Sox and it was a no brainer , so grateful for it! “

JO. What made you want to be a catcher? 

MD. “I just always was a catcher, [I] fell in love with the position. Managing a staff, being involved in every play, being a composed leader back there.”

MD.  “2023 is going to be a great year. I’m excited to get to work this off-season and be in [the] best position for my first full professional season.”

JO. What are you looking forward to most in 2023?

JO. Who was your favorite player, and what was your favorite team growing up?

MD. [My] “Favorite team growing up was [the] Red Sox, [and my] favorite player was Jacoby Ellsbury”.

JO. How is it to be reunited with Chris Troye?

MD. “Chris Troye is a top tier gentleman, a friend and teammate. [I] Met him first in the cape and the reunion has been nothing short of fantastic, on and off the field”

Donlan ended the season with the Salem Red Sox in affiliate ball, so next season he should start there and work his way up the farm system. 

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