It’s Media Time!

By September 27 most NBA games are twenty two days away from the season starting. Every NBA fan gets excited around this time and looks forward to seeing the updated rosters. The NBA had their media days on September 23, 25, and 26. The biggest talk in the media was regarding the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn Star Kevin Durant had made headlines over the summer about requesting a trade out of Brooklyn, but now has recently stated he would like to stay. Durant has been on the team for the past three seasons and has remained loyal. The media was also questioning if Irving would get traded or not but he ended up staying on the team as well.  There were many rumors about the Nets trying to work out trades for him. 

There has been talk about Ben Simmons being active for the Nets in 2022. The 2022-2023 would be his first season with them now. The media is questioning how Irving, Durant, Simmons all play together and what they will accomplish. With all the trades and new players that have come into the NBA, this 2022-2023 season should be interesting.

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