SMCC Students Attend Gubernatorial Debate

Former Governor Paul Lepage and Governor Janet Mills shaking hands after the debate. Photo by Emma Campbell.

This morning, myself and two other writers for The Beacon had the pleasure of attending a debate between Governor Janet Mills and former Governor Paul Lepage right here in Portland. Jesse Bifulco, Owen Parr, and I arrived at Holiday Inn by the Bay at 7 a.m. The event is called Eggs & Issues, and is a business forum put on by the Portland Community Chamber to discuss business issues each month. Today the topic was the 2022 Gubernational Debate, and moderator Quincy Hentzel, CEO of Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, said it was their greatest turnout since the beginning of the pandemic.

My classmates and I were able to snag a spot at the table right behind former Gov. Lepage, and had front-row seats to watch the debate. Mills and Lepage debated numerous topics, including labor regulations, lack of safe and affordable childcare, and public transportation. Each were given two minutes to respond to each topic, with the candidate answering first allowed a one minute rebuttal before the next topic. Both candidates were also allowed a one minute opening and closing statement.

Some tense moments emerged between the democratic and republican candidates, who have very different ideas of governing. Stay tuned for later this week when Bifulco, Parr, and I publish an article detailing the debate!

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