Hailey Casey, Lifelong Softball Player

Photo courtesy of Hailey Casey. Photo of Hailey Casey

Hailey Casey plays infield for SMCC softball team this 2022 fall season.

JO When and how did you fall in love with Softball?

HC I have played softball since I was a little girl and have loved it every day since. I was 5 when I started tee ball, and I played All Stars every summer until I aged out, then I joined the travel league and played tournaments every weekend. My dad invested so much time for me to play and he would bring me to the fields every free chance we had to throw and get extra practice. 

JO Being from New York, what drew you to SMCC?

HC Being from New York, the one thing that was so special about SMCC was the campus! It’s right on the ocean, and after touring in the spring, I loved how much it felt like home. The community feel here is incredible. 

Photo courtesy of Hailey Casey. Photo of Hailey Casey

JO What’s your favorite moment during the season so far? What are you looking forward to most this season? 

HC We have had such a fun season. Each game we’re learning and improving. This is our first time with a team in 3 years, so the excitement leading into this season was so fun.

My favorite moment during this season so far was the first home game, for sure. We had a big crowd and we all were so pumped to finally be playing.

JO Do you follow baseball? If so, who’s your favorite team and player? 

Photo courtesy of Hailey Casey. Photo of Hailey Casey

HC I do follow baseball! My favorite team is the NY Yankees, of course. Even though he’s retired, my all-time favorite player is Derek Jeter. I used to watch their games just to see him play. I wanted to be able to turn just like him.

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