Only Undefeated Team Left

The Eagles have come into the season 2022 playing great. The team chemistry between the team has been perfect. They currently remain as the only undefeated team in the NFL with five wins and no losses. Only two of the five games have been close, the rest have been incredible blowouts. My father was able to Travel to Philadelphia, PA, to see the Eagles play the Vikings, a game which was twenty four to seven. They handled their business against them. Next game he went to was Eagles against the Jaguars, which was twenty one to twenty nine. He also went to the Eagles against Washington, which was twenty four to eight. And the Eagles have won all of those games. He has shared some pictures from the game, for me to share as well. With the Eagles win on Sunday against the Cardinals October Ninth, they now have to get ready for the Cowboys who are four and one.The Eagles have a great offensive and defensive lines The Eagles as well, which is why they are off to a great start. Coach Nick Sirianni is planning ways to keep Dallas Cowboys Michah Parsons from getting any potential sacks. Many teams around the NFL are searching for ways to slow Micah down in the backfield, but he is a great linebacker so it makes it tough to slow somebody with his size down. Parsons is at the top of NFL sacks with six this season, and has seventeen QB hurries which is leading the league. Will the Eagles quest for win number six happen? Or will they be given a loss?

My father at the Eagles game

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