Maine and All It’s Natural Color

Fall foliage in Maine is a huge deal within small communities. It offers opportunities in the mere shape of beauty. Maine is known for its foliage and its peak passed us just a few weeks ago. Those in New England as well as tourists alike are in waiting as the seasonal change continues to take place all around, and this fall season, like all others, offers quite the view. 

The Maine fall foliage report, according to MaineFoliage.com, is in full swing. With a wide coverage of Maine being past peak, the season still remains a bright one. The peak conditions predicted for this season were met with flying colors and it set us up for one of the best months to plan your fall foliage leaf peeping trip to your favorite destinations. “The canopies across Maine are showing off their most vibrant colors and by the coast these vibrant views are still in peak bloom. The leaves are still clinging to the trees with low leaf drop throughout coastal Maine, which makes for perfect timing for our leaf enthusiasts,” said Gale Ross, Maine’s fall foliage spokesperson. As for Portland Maine, the foliage coverage ranges from 90-100% which means it’s right alongside the majority of the state. As for the amount of tourism brought by Maine’s colorful fall  beauty, the numbers have increased dramatically in the past few years and is expected to steadily increase as peak foliage comes around the corner each fall season.

Leaf peepers, some say the best destinations can be hard to find, but according to a few locals, some of the best leaf peeping destinations are often in their own backyards, or even just outside their windows. One thing Maine is known for is its large abundance of trees. Supposedly, there’s 8 times as many trees compared to people in the lovely state of  Maine, according to The Department of Agriculture Conservation & Forestry, which ultimately means in Maine, it’s a sight to see. So for fall foliage, Maine has a lot to offer and for those who wish to come take advantage of the natural beauty, you’re welcome to take a peek. 

For more information about Maine’s foliage timeline, feel free to visit this link for weekly foliage updates each fall season. 

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  1. This is a great article, Emma! The link you’ve provided to weekly fall foliage reports seems worth checking out too.


  2. Great writing! The descriptions of the leaves hanging off the trees is done well and it’s interesting to read about the peak of foliage coverages.


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