All About Jared Golden

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Jared Golden is the incumbent Democrat Representative to Maine’s 2nd District, and will be competing against Republican challenger Bruce Poliquin and Independent Tiffany Bond in the midterm elections on November 8. He is a Marine Corps veteran and has been in the House of Congress since 2019, and is seeking to extend his term for another two years. His priorities include providing opportunities for workers, reducing the cost of Medicare and prescription drugs, and helping Mainers get access to quality education. 

Golden has kept his tenure on his own terms. He voted against Democratic Caucus Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as he promised to during his campaign. Golden was the only Democrat to vote against the Build Back Better Act after citing his concerns about tax increases and a lack of prescription pricing reform. He was one of two Democrats to vote against the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, stating that “At some point, the bill has to come due.”

During his time as representative, Golden cosponsored the Invest to Protect Act, which provided additional funding for small police departments. He jumped to protect lobstermen by blocking federal funding to the Monterey Bay Aquarium after they put lobster on their “Seafood Red List”, a move that Golden called “a baseless attack on a proud, sustainable fishery and a clear attempt to put thousands of Maine people out of work.” Senator Susan Collins backed up the decision. Representative Golden also signed onto a bipartisan letter that requested a permanent extension of the Health Coverage Tax Credit in the America COMPETES Act. The change was implemented in the House-passed version of the bill.

One of Golden’s priorities is Maine’s workforce. Mainers are struggling amidst inflation and a rising cost of living, and Golden wants to support labor unions and provide benefits for workers such as better wages, healthcare, and retirement opportunities. Golden co-sponsored the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, which provides additional protections and bargaining power to unions. 

Another issue that Golden promises to tackle is the dubious state of America’s health care system. He wants to enact a universal coverage system that would make health care accessible to all Mainers. One of Golden’s first bills during his tenure was the FLAT Prices Act, an initiative that punishes pharmaceutical companies for raising drug prices. Golden also supports a movement to lower the age for Medicare to 50. 

Providing a quality education for all Mainers is a priority for Golden, especially with the state’s aging workforce. He has already voted to increase the spending on K-12 and special education programs, as well as to expand Pell Grants for college students. He still promises to work for more support for apprenticeships and training programs, and improve pathways to technical schools. 

The contest for Maine’s Second Congressional District is important because the district encompasses more than half of the state. Voters can contact Jared Golden via his website and find out more about his policies at Ballotpedia. On November 8, he will be on the ballot for Representative against Poliquin and Bond. Maine residents can register to vote at their town hall or find more information about registering at Maine.gov.

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  1. Super great idea to encourage contacting Golden and love how you have provided additional resources about how to vote and more about Golden. Very well written and informative!


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