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Election Day 2022

To find out when, where, and how to vote today, click here before it is too late!

“I voted” stickers in English and Spanish, Virginia, USA, November 2014. (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) photo.)

Election Day is underway across the nation as millions of voters head to the polls in what will not only likely be another historic election, but will define the final two years of Joe Biden’s first term as President. Whether they be gubernatorial candidates or U.S. Senate seats, voters across all 50 states will be voting for some of the most influential and important elected officials in the country.

President Joe Biden (D) leads the country with only a slim majority in both branches of Congress. As of now, the U.S. Senate has a 50/50 split, with Vice President Kamala Harris (D) providing the tie-breaker for the Democrats, while the U.S. House of Representatives sees the Democrats hold with 220/212.

In the midterms, there is typically a shift in control of at least one of the two branches of Congress. The 2018 midterm elections saw the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives while under Republican President Donald Trump, who came into his presidency after the 2016 election with a Republican Congress. Similarly, in 2010, midway through Democratic President Barack Obama’s first term, Republicans took control of the House of Representatives after a Democratic Congress.

In Maine, the headliner is the gubernatorial race, with candidates Janet Mills (D) and Paul LePage (R) facing off to win the state executive position. Incumbent Mills is favored to win against LePage as recent polls seen below have indicated, but LePage hopes he can draw upon his rural Republican base and oust Mills from her governorship.

Latest Polls, Maine Governor Race, via FiveThirtyEight Polling 

Voter turnout across the nation has trended upward in recent years. The 2018 midterms saw almost 50% of eligible voters turn out to vote, the highest midterm voter turnout of a midterm election in over a century. Similarly, the 2020 presidential election saw two-thirds of eligible voters turn out to vote, the highest of the 21st century. This election cycle, analysts predict that turnout will match and likely surpass the 2018 midterm elections, but will not reach the high of 2020 as this is not a presidential election that would draw in more voters. But with more and more voters choosing to vote early and/or by mail across the country, turnout is expected to be great. To find out when, where, and how to vote today, click here before it is too late!

The SMCC Beacon will be covering and analyzing all the significant races, results, and surprises that result from the 2022 midterm elections, as well as the Maine gubernatorial results.

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  1. within the first sentence you gave the readers an easy way to learn everything they need to know about when where and how to vote. doing this was a great choice and executed extremely well good job!


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