The Maine Marathon

The Maine Marathon Recap. This year, For the second year in a row, a long-standing course record fell in the Maine Marathon – this time the men’s marathon mark. A year after Abby Hamilton of Yarmouth broke the women’s record, Ryan Eiler of Boston took down the men’s record by nearly two full minutes. In the process, he beat the previous record holder, Dan Vassallo of Peabody, Mass., who returned for the first time since earning his second Maine Marathon crown in 2012. This is an amazing accomplishment all around. 

History also was made in the women’s marathon, as Lila Gaudrault, 19, of Cape Elizabeth became the race’s youngest champion. Gaudrault’s time of 2:52:17 was good enough for a 1:02 margin over Caroline Pietrzyk, 25, of Austin, Texas. At the center of the Maine Marathon’s mission is giving back to the community that gives us so much. As a nonprofit race, they give about 40% of what was earned, gross revenue to charitable organizations each year. Since 1997, this effort has helped us donate over $5.8 million to worthy causes such as charities and those in need around the state of Maine. For such a noble cause, this race is something many look forward to each year. It’s a great way to compete as well as aid in terms of  community. A helping hand is always appreciated, and this race had many. Participants from all over came to take part in this year’s marathon, and great things were accomplished. Records broken, new goals set for years to come, and new passions established for those who may not have raced before. Just by registering to run the Maine Marathon, Half Marathon or Marathon Relay, you are helping support a deserving group of beneficiaries that we highlight each year and dozens of other organizations who receive donations from the Maine Marathon. The 2022 beneficiaries are Stop Trafficking US, Through These Doors, Wayfinder Schools, and World of Change. 

Of course, running the Maine Marathon is a fantastic way for people to raise money for a charity of their choice. Our “Run For A Cause” helps nonprofits recruit people to run and raise money for their charity. Last year alone, the program helped organizations raise over $327,000 this year alone which is wonderful in itself. A great achievement for great causes. For next year the goal for the fundraiser is to raise over what was met at this year’s race. Which if enough people come together, that can be achieved. As of next year, the participants are already looking forward to it, and are ready to compete once again. Will you be joining them? If so, check out this link for more information. https://runsignup.com/Race/ME/Portland/MaineMarathon 

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