Simple Money Saving Hacks

By Jessica Spoto

Photo by Joslyn Pickens on Pexels.com

There are an abundance of ways college students can save money. There are two very unique and easy ways that have been proven to help me save money with  UNiDAYS and Fetch Rewards

UNiDAYS is one of the two biggest money tools I have encountered.  All you need is your college email address, ending in ‘.edu’, to sign up and get verified as a college student. UNiDAYS offers exclusive coupon codes for college students. These exclusive student coupon codes range from rental cars, hotels, phones and an abundance of other services/products. Personally, I found that I get the most bang for my buck planning to purchase items in advance. For example, Christmas is coming. I know that Christmas can get expensive, especially for students in college. I write down what my family members and friends would like and what stores they are known to love. I know my mom absolutely adores receiving flowers for any occasion. Christmas is no exception. On UNiDAYS went into the HomeGoods category and I found a coupon code for 20% off 1800 flowers. Little discounts add up to big savings, especially when you have to pay for textbooks, pencils, other school supplies, and all the many things that are needed for college.

Rewards is the second and the last major way that I found that I can save money. The way in which Fetch Rewards works is by earning gift cards. I have received a mind blowing amount of Domino’s gift cards just by scanning in my receipts from my everyday purchases. Yeah, those cheese pizzas with bacon and pineapple on it? All paid for with gift cards I’ve earned through Fetch rewards. 

Any sort of receipt that has the date within 2 weeks, the amount of items purchased and what store it’s from will automatically earn you 25 points. If you buy a specific item that Fetch is promoting then you will get additional points. If you have a referral code and you get someone to sign up with that referral code, those points are significant and will add up to your minimum requirement of 10,000 points to be able to get that $10 gift card for Dominos, among many other restaurants, clothing brands and online shops. Fetch Rewards will even link up your email to find those e-receipts from your online purchases. These purchases can include receipts from Amazon, textbook buying websites, GrubHub, Uber Eats and so much more. If you download the app and use this referral code you will get 2,000 points upfront by scanning in your first receipt 97KGV. It’s a win-win broke college student type of situation,  I wish anyone who could benefit from these money saving tools a whole academic school year full of saving opportunities, discount codes and an abundance of free gift cards.

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