Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is right around the corner this week on November 24, 2022 , which means Black Friday is right behind it. Black Friday carries some of the best tech deals of the year and can be a great time to scoop up that gadget you’ve been eyeing all year long. Some of the best deals on Black Friday can usually be found on products such as television sets. Retailers such as Best Buy are offering deals that can only be this time of year, including up to $700 off certain TV’s. Not only TVs, but laptops and smart devices also see significant discounts. 

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Right behind Black Friday, however, at the turn of the week sits Cyber Monday. These deals can be close, if not sometimes better, than those of black Friday. These deals focus heavily on gadgets. Tech lovers can locate PC parts at huge discounts, even cheaper than the Black Friday deals. 

A difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is the focus on how shoppers actually do their shopping. Black Friday traditionally focuses on in-person retail spaces, leading to those lines around the block starting as early as midnight that we have all seen on TV. Cyber Monday on the other hand drives shoppers to order their products online. 

Other than potential shoppers, the deals are mostly similar across the board. An article from NBC reads, “If you’re shopping for laptops and PCs, clothing, travel supplies and online subscriptions, you’re likely safe — and possibly even better off — waiting until Cyber Monday, according to McGrath. There are usually a few unique Cyber Monday tech deals on Apple Watches and Nintendo Switch gaming bundles to help shoppers keep up their buying stamina, but otherwise, retailers will “replay their [Black Friday] deal playbook on Cyber Monday,” 

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While deciding which products to go after can be a tough choice, one of the tougher choices is deciding when to buy these products. Both days will show big savings  across the board on many popular products. For a list of upcoming deals head over to TechRadar where they keep a list of some of the best deals going on across the most popular retailers in the United States.

Another great resource is Wirecutter, published by the New York Times.

Whichever day you chose to shop on, you are bound to score big with major discounts which can be good not only for you but for holiday shopping as well!

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