Balling !

So far this season has been an insane roller coaster for the Lakers so far. The team has been battling injuries all season, resulting in their best players jumping in and out of lineups. One of the best stars,Lebron James, has only played 10 games this season. LeBron has been battling some knee soreness, so he hasn’t been able to do much this season. The Lakers are currently sitting at 14th place which is almost last. yet to win a game on the road,which is very important for a team to do in this league.

The Lakers’ other star Anthony Davis has been putting up some great numbers, he’s been averaging around 26 points a game or more, which is great, because the Lakers need him to keep up this pace while Lebron is sitting out. Another player that has been doing well is Lonnie Walker. He is averaging around 16 points per game which is a major help. The Lakers were able to win three games in a row before losing to the Suns, but it just seems like they can’t get over the hump to continuously win games. The Lakers will need to improve and win more games in order to make the playoffs.

Photo of Lebron James By Erik Drost –, CC BY 2.0,

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