The Relaunch of Twitter Blue

Twitter has been shrouded in controversy, especially around the Twitter Blue service. Twitter has announced that it will resume the Twitter Blue service as of Monday, December 13th. The service will remain available for the previous fee of $8.00 that was initially announced. Apple (IOS) users however will have to pay a higher premium for the service than web-based and Android users. This higher premium is set in place to offset Apple’s new 30% rule, where Apple keeps 30% of all transactions that occur within apps on its software. Apple users will be charged $11 per month to use Twitter Blue.

There are also changes that are aimed at making the service feel more premium, however. Along with the new price increase for some users, Twitter Blue also aims to reduce the number of ads that its users will see. Twitter has said that users of Twitter Blue will see 50% fewer ads than those who are not subscribed to the service. Twitter Blue will also allow users to edit previously posted tweets, something standard users will not be able to do. The new Twitter Blue will also bring along a new set of badges to indicate account importance. According to the BBC “Those who had a blue tick under the previous regime currently still have them, but now some of these users also have a message which appears if the tick is pressed saying the account is a “legacy verified account” and “may or may not be notable.” However, those check marks will now eventually be replaced with either gold (for businesses) or gray (for others such as authorities) badges, according to Twitter’s own account.”

Twitter Blue has had a very rocky start, this relaunch of the service aims to end that rockiness. With new changes and new added features, this may see Twitter Blue as the service it was meant to be, rather than a joke for users of the social media platform. These changes will also aim to end the confusion on whose accounts are real and important, versus those who are fake accounts.

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