Newest Campus/ Local Arts and Culture Editor Felicia Blackstone

Felicia Blackstone is a student editor for the Beacon at SMCC on the South Portland campus. Her articles specifically focus on the visual arts happening as well as its impact on students around campus. Blackstone also enjoys writing articles on the arts impact generally in the Portland area, keeping up with its representation in the local community. Visual arts have always been a special interest of Blackstone since she was a kid. Whether it was painting, drawing, or making pottery it’s a way of expression without a need for words. Are visual arts represented enough in today’s society and in what ways are the visual arts impacting the community? What ways are students and  community members able to express themselves in their everyday busy lives? These are questions that will be explored throughout Blackstones articles. Her focus on how art is represented in everyday life has the intention to inspire and uplift readers to be more creative. Whether it be a large mural project or finger painting to let go of finals week stress, many things qualify as art, which relieves a lot of stress, this is a fact Blackstone is excited to explore.

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