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Xander Morley is a 19-year-old sophomore, currently attending Southern Maine Community College. He is pursuing a Communications & New Media degree, with plans to transfer to the University of Southern Maine in the fall. Outside of school, Xander loves to play video games, read comic books, and make music. He goes under the stage name XOMBOY. When he’s not making music, he’s probably playing video games or reading a comic book. He has three dogs, as well as six cats.

Morley’s dream after he graduates from college is to become an editor for a magazine or media company. He’s also interested in sound design and screenwriting. He’s very honored to be writing for The SMCC Beacon, once again. This semester he will be writing for technology, and he’ll also take on the responsibility of fact-checking the content of the articles. With all of the fake news that permeates our news and social media platforms, Morley will be the person responsible for seeing that it doesn’t happen here, in The SMCC Beacon, a name you can trust.

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