Dorm Decor: Re-purpose SMCC’s Old & Free Library Books 

Borrowing books from the library is super handy. A little known fact is that SMCC also offers books free for the taking. These freebie books that you can keep are located on a cart between the library and learning center, right below the big screen TV. You will see the cart when you reach the top of the stairs. These books range from outdated textbooks to interesting fiction stories. The library frequently adds new books to this cart. Check back to the library often, they always have books to give away!

Photo Taken by Jessica Spoto

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, this free book opportunity might be just what you’re looking for. Often, there are many old hardcover books that have stunning gold or silver embossed lettering up for grabs. Don’t forget to take off those plastic book covers to unveil the aesthetically pleasing binding that fits your decorating aesthetic just perfectly. These nice looking books are great to place out on a desk, a coffee table, and on bookshelves for display.

If you’d like to play around with these books, there are many photos inside containing pictures that are ready to liven up that empty wall space, brighten up any vision board or add personality to your class binder cover. 

There is Dollar Tree and a Goodwill right in the Mill Creek Plaza in South Portland, which is a short bus or car ride and about an hour walk away from the SMCC South Portland campus. You can find inexpensive frames at these stores to enhance the photos you took from those free library books. Never underestimate the power of being creative when free items are available. 

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