Make Your own Kawaii Card

Many events on the SMCC campus help get students together and involved. One upcoming event called “make your own Kawaii card” will allow students to get together and create.  It’s an artistic, creative approach to card making, and in lieu of Valentine’s day last week, it’s a perfect, lighthearted activity to get students creating. 

Japanese culture refers to Kawaii when rating something’s cuteness. Misha Janette, founder of Tokyo Fashion Diaries says that Kawaii has a bit more of a specific meaning than simply being cute, “Kawaii actually means a delicate cuteness, like a weak, small type of thing. It’s also an embodiment of all that’s happy and positive.” Kawaii as an aesthetic is made out to be fun and not to be taken too seriously. Kawaii in the Japanese culture helps relieve a bit of gender oppression. It allows women and men to express their feminity in a cute and artful way. It can also be used to make light of dark or gloomy situations and people. For example, trump is painted with sparkles and eyeliner, and other ultra-femme characteristics poking fun at his character. Kawaii is often seen in meme culture, which students this generation know well. 

This evening is meant to allow other students to talk and collaborate on ideas. The night is labeled as Kawaii, however, any students participating may choose any style they’d like. Kawaii helps relate students to forms of creative expression without needing to pick a style or category of their own if they so choose. Creating in a group setting is a great way to make friends, connections, and memories while also entertaining the right side of the brain.

The activity night was rescheduled for Monday, February, 27th and materials will be provided. Kawaii card-making is in the Surfsite building on the SMCC campus. 

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