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Cold Case: Darien Richardson

As a college-aged female student at SMCC and a lover of true crime, I often think about the number of cases involving people in my demographic. The number of lives lost due to gun violence or violence, in general, haunts me. However, due to all the writing and research I have done on true crime, I have become more aware of how much my safety means to me and how dangerous living and existence can be. January 10th, 2023, was the 13th anniversary of Darien Richardson’s unsolved murder—a 25-year-old young woman cut short by life’s misfortunes.

In the early mornings of January 10th, 2010, Darien Richardson and her boyfriend, Corey Girard, were asleep in their apartment on 25 Rackless St. It was reported that Richardson and her boyfriend were sleeping when unknown intruders entered their home and shot them. They were both taken to the hospital and expected to survive, but Darien, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries and passed away. The only factual information they have is that it was two intruders. To this day, her parents are offering a 15,000 dollar reward for the arrest and conviction of the killers. 

Police ask anyone with information to contact them at 207-874-8584 or leave an anonymous tip.


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