Space in Portland Maine: My First Experience

Space is a contemporary arts venue located in the heart of Portland Maine, right on Congress Street. Space holds events that include unique art exhibitions and concerts. I was lucky enough to check one out myself on January 28th, 2023. I attended Forest Emissaries with The Asthmatic presented by An Anderson and Inventing Trees. Inventing Trees is a performing and visual arts troupe. I got the opportunity to witness an incredible story played out with the use of puppets, shadows, lights, music and an abundance of powerful visual movement. The music was played by An Anderson, a local dance band.

Before the start of the event The Asthmatic performed. The sounds grew more intensely throughout her permanence through her voice and sound board were absolutely riveting and completely took me on a journey. I felt as if my mind was on an adventure, as my body flowed with the sounds and my eyes were glued to her captivating performance.

Photo Courtesy of Photographer Ethan Woodman Fowler

The Asthmatic sat legs crossed on the ground in the middle of the room. This created a sense of community, comfort and unity. All things that I experienced during that particular event described Space as a venue itself. 

Photo Courtesy of An Anderson

Further into the night Inventing Trees along with An Anderson performed. I felt as if I was transported to another realm. My mind was totally taken away by the visuals Inventing Trees provided. The movements of the puppets alongside the mystical sounds and intense drums played by An Anderson fully captivated me and grabbed my attention.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Spoto

The lighting, shadows, music, and overall striking multidimensional use of different forms of art within this one performance, took me on a journey that I will always remember. I left that night feeling an abundance of bliss and astonishment. Space opened up their venue to these artists who evoked so much emotion that this night will be embedded into my mind for a long time to come.

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