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SMCC Student Muralists found Advisor

Local Portland murals are great opportunities for inspiration as a group of SMCC students is looking to create one on campus this summer. It’s been decided that the best time to undergo the process of a mural is during the summer months. For the right paint to stick to the outside of a building it must be dry, prepped, and ready for use. Kelsey Grass, a professor at SMCC says she’s more than happy to aid its process. She explains that certain materials are better than others, depending on the wall’s surface. Spray paint, paint rollers, markers, and paintbrushes all have different abilities and downfalls. It’s important to consider the weather and other factors when creating a large-scale piece outside. This ambitious group of students is willing to put in the hours of planning and contemplation for this project. 

Kelsey says it would be great to have a mural on campus that faculty, students, and other locals would be able to interact with every time they walk by. One of her favorite murals is in Biddeford created by Pat Perry. This muralist focuses on bridging ideas of communication, friendship, and acceptance. Most murals have a general theme, idea, or message that’s being conveyed. This mural being featured at the SMCC campus will be communicating the rise in sea level, and climate change’s damaging effects on the coast of Maine. The students willing to participate in this process, as well as learn more about the rise in sea level in order to properly portray its message onto the wall are willing to put in the hours to make it happen.

 The wall the group would like to use is right in the middle of campus, near the campus center. The middle of campus seems like the best place due to its location, it’ll get seen the most there. Kelsey also says murals create a sense of community within a space. Especially being a collaborative piece, ideas can be shared and thoughts can be first debated on a smaller scale by the group of students. 

Now all that’s needed is approval from the school to get the mural process started. The drive, ideas, and creativity are already present in this venture. Murals are a process, one that shouldn’t be rushed, but adequately planned out. This group at SMCC is more than eager to get started. 

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