Emergency Housing Fund for Students

SMCC has started a fundraiser for students in need of emergency housing. The fund began with a $10,000 donation from the SMCC president, Joe Cassidy, as well as a $10,000 gift from the SMCC foundation. Jason Saucier, the Dean of Students is someone you want to talk to if you believe this emergency fund applies to you. He explains that you must be “currently enrolled at the college and need some assistance due to an emergency situation. This may be because they need to flee a dangerous situation, they lost their current housing due to an emergency or an unforeseen change is creating a situation in which they will be homeless.”

This fund is meant to help students get back on their feet. It is not a long-term housing solution but for emergencies where your options could result in homelessness. 

This housing fund is used when no available aid is left to help pay for housing on campus. Students must be in debt with loans from the school to the furthest extent possible, in order to qualify for this funding. This funding is used in very rare cases, students struggling to find alternate housing that aren’t in a time-sensitive situation don’t qualify. Students looking to live on campus during the summer must also be enrolled in one course. This option would likely also be considered before the use of the fund.

One student, Jason explained, was helped with this aid fund because their apartment shut down and they were given 3 weeks to find somewhere else to live. Many students misunderstand what this fund is for. This fund truly is for emergency purposes only, so if you think you qualify for this fund, reach out to the school.

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