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Iyanla Vanzent and Eboni K. Williams go Toe to Toe

When two socialites give dating advice

Iyanla Vanzent is a life coach and well-known TV personality who has successfully built her legacy on advising and counseling broken people. She is widely known for her TV show on the OWN network, “Fix My Life, Iyanla”, where she does therapy and counseling. Eboni K. Williams is a credible American lawyer and TV host. Both women are successful and powerful in their respective careers and have earned their stripes in public. 

Eboni recently hosted Iyanla on The View for a conversation about women dating in modern times. The conversation took a turn for the worst when Iyanla asked host Eboni, “Would you date a bus driver?” Social media ripped Eboni Williams to shreds with her response, “If he owns the bus”, implying that a man should have ownership of his own business and financial success to date her. Many are angry, but is she wrong? 

When two powerful women come together to discuss a prominent social issue and clash heads, who is in the wrong? The media has been having a field day with this interview, and let’s just say Eboni is on the receiving end of most of the heated criticism. Can modern women count on the advice of Iyanla on today’s dating scene? Or is Eboni onto something with her bold statement? When you’re a female lawyer and TV personality is it absurd that you require a man to have a similar tax bracket?

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