Sailboats Beached

By The Beacon StaffSailboatBeached1

After a fall that has been relatively quiet, weather wise that is, a Nor-easter visited the coast of Maine over the course of a few days, October 22nd to the 24th.

Sometime before 1:30pm Thursday the 23rd, two sailboats were torn from their moorings, or broke free from docks and were pushed up against the SMCC seawall at the end of Fort Road.

Thankfully no one was injured during this unmanned excursion from the sailboats resting place to the seawall. However, classes that were to be held in the Art Studio and Fish Building were cancelled at the request of Central Maine Power. The reason, the mast of the sailboat that was beached behind the Fish Building was leaning up against the power lines, prompting CMP to make the request for the safety sake of students who had classes in these buildings.

By Saturday morning classes had resumed and the boats had been removed. All is well again along the SMCC seawall, until the next Nor-easter rears its ugly head and makes compliant play toys out of these beauty seagoing vessels.

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