CCleaner: Making your computer run faster

By Ryan Plouffeccleaner-4-11-4619

Is your computer working slower than it should?

Try using a free program called CCleaner also known as Crap Cleaner. There are two editions that an individual can choose, one being the edition that can be costly, and the other edition being free which tends to work just as well as the costly edition. This program will speed up your computer by deleting files you never knew you had, but it also has other cool features.

CCleaner deletes the junk files you don’t see in the background and it also deletes your web browser files you don’t see, such as your history, and temporary internet files. CCleaner will delete some files you do see, such as emptying your recycle bin. Some of the cool features for CCleaner are that from Tools you can uninstall programs you don’t need by using the Control Panel on a Windows computer.

Another positive is that you can also control what programs start-up when the computer turns on. There is also a file finder option to make looking for a certain file quick and easy. If you’re donating your computer, you can use CCleaner to delete everything without worry by using the Drive Wiper option.

You can also right click your recycle bin and you can run CCleaner, so your items will get deleted. Deleting your personal files through CCleaner is more reliable and trustworthy for knowing that a file has been deleted permanently. Warning, running CCleaner will log you out of sites you’re logged into, so make sure you have/know your passwords!

You can download CCleaner free at: https://www.piriform.com/CCleaner/download. You click the download button in the first row, which is the free edition of CCleaner. Once you hit download, the CCleaner will start downloading it onto your computer. When it is done, look at your downloads for ccsetup and double left click on it to start the install. A window may come up asking if you want to run the installer for this program, you would left click on yes.

A window will pop up saying, “Welcome to CCleaner (the version number) Setup,” next select what language you want the program to be, the default is English, then click next. A new window will pop up for the install asking about install options, the defaulted options are checked, you can uncheck the options you do not wish to have.

After you’re done unchecking, or leaving it, click Install. The program will start installing, after it is done, a final window will pop up asking clarification questions about the checked items you wish to see, uncheck them if you want the first one which is to “Run CCleaner (the version number),” and the second one is the release notes for that version of CCleaner. After you uncheck or left it checked, click finish and it will show or not show depending on what you picked.

CCleaner is easy to use; all you do is left click the icon wherever it may be. The program will start and you will automatically start with the cleaner tab. On the lower right hand side, there are two buttons “Analyze” and “Run.” The Analyze button will show you what might get deleted and the Run button will just start deleting items that you don’t need, or data you don’t see. You can always uncheck things under the windows tab, or the applications tab, so they won’t get deleted.

If you want CCleaner to automatically start when you turn on your computer go to the left hand side and click options with a picture of a gear. Left click on the gear and then left click the setting button. Now all you need to do is check “Run CCleaner when the computer starts.” Those short and simple steps will ensure that the next time you start your computer, the program will automatically run, so you don’t have to remember to do it.

Ryan Plouffe is a member of the Computer Technology Senior Seminar course and is planning on a career in Computer Hardware and Networking. You can see what Ryan is doing in Senior Seminar course by going to http://www.ryanplouffe.com

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